About Me

Shadree is a currently levelling hunter on US-Azgalor, Alliance.
She has several alts including Shadtree, Shadbree, and Shadfree. She is easily amused.

Shad enjoys dungeons, and plans to level most of her chars that way. If you want a run, feel free to ask her. Unless she's run out of mints. She's grumpy when that happens.

Shad has played since Vanilla on other realms (both Horde and Alliance), and enjoys moaning about patch changes.

Shad is currently looking for a guild for any/all of her chars.

RL Shad
RL Shad is from Victoria, Australia (GMT +10). Yes, Shad has an accent.
She is female IRL, not a guy with female toons.
She loves kitties.
She is a member of WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts), and of Guides Victoria. She is also a Guide Leader for a local Unit.
She tends to ramble in text, but is mostly quiet on Vent, unless she knows you well, or is seriously miffed.
She uses funny words =D
She likes using the 3rd person to talk about herself.

About The Site
I'll drop the 3rd person here, because it's hard to maintain when talking about sei-serious matters.
I made this site as a sort of WoW journal, to track my development as both a character and a person. This is sort of deep, compared to my usual attitude, and it was because of an RL incident I don't care to discuss at this point in time. I only mention it, because it's had a serious impact on me, and the way I now see things.
Room For One More is about both my hunter (Always several in every raid, as well as always having a pet) as well as "the true voice of madness" (Not the howling scream, but that little voice in your head at the end of the day that quietly asks, 'Is there room for one more?'). I don't suffer from mental illness (as far as I know), and this blog isn't about it. Rather, it's about the state of mind I've found myself in.
After the RL incident, I was in hospital for several days, and homebound for several weeks. After I recovered, I found people avoiding me, and the people I once considered close friends ignoring me. Needless to say, this hurt a lot, and I found myself alone for most of the time. I started feeling like I was intruding on them, and I still feel that way. 'Room for one more?' is what I hear in my head when I try to do things with others. That hopeful voice, that prays to be included, but knows she won't be.
That's why WoW is so important to me, because it is the only positive social interaction I get, besides family and those friends-of-the-family that are almost family.
In WoW, I can be that happy, loud, opinionated person that I am.
IRL, if I nod, agree, and keep my mouth shut, people still shun me.

I didn't want to fill this with 'sob-content', but I feel that it is necessary to understand me as a person. I've been hit hard in life, but I don't want to let that weigh me down. I've learnt through WoW, that people won't like you for being 'fake'. So, here I am. This is me. And if you don't like me, you can STFU and GTFO, because you're not the sort of person I give a crap about anymore. Because now....now I'm real.