Sunday, December 12, 2010

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Okay, after a long absence from this blog, I have decided something.

I. Hate. Focus.

After playing my Hunter with mana for so long, this orange crap just doesn't work for me. I'll leave her alone for a while, or at least until I get bored and fiddle around to get more pets.

In the meantime....Shadfree is my new main. My DK of Frosty Pwnage. Now comes in new Bloody Hell WTF Tank flavour! So, I've dual specced since Blizz made it cheap as all hell. Might help save me from these goddamnit 40min DPS queues. =/

Shad-Kitty is loving the new DK flavours....

In other news, I have learnt how to insert a picture. I am proud of myself.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shadree Uses Focus

Otherwise known as "WTF is this orange crap?"

Can I have my mana back Blizz? At least with Viper I never ran out of it. But now? Now I'm focus-starved. I feel like an icky rogue. I am seriously considering rerolling, I hate it that much. Either that or L2P.

Oh, well. Until then, my DK is motoring along nicely, and my druid is going well.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

To Ony or Not To Ony......

So, a guildie said: "Anyone for Ony10?"
I said: "Sure! =D"

We PuGGed the rest.
We wiped. Tank left. One of the Heals left.
People came and went so fast heads were spinning.

Finally, we had a group.
Someone asked, "Everyone know the fight?"
I said, "My first time healing this"
They said, "Ever do old school version?"
Me, "Nah."
Them, "Do you know anything at all?!?!?!"
Them, "WTF?!?! ARE YOU RETARDED?!!? FORGET THIS CRAP!!!11!!!" /rage
Me, "....dude. What the hell? It was a joke...."
Other people: "WTF she was kidding!"

Group disbanded after the priest jumped into the whelp cave and wiped us =/

And people ask me why I hate PuGs.

Outland Is Not For The Faint Hearted

So, instead of levelling the chars I should be, I've decided to level my DK.

She's about level 60, on Azgalor. Her name is Shadfree. Why is she named that? Because it was 3am and I thought it was funny. Seriously.

She will level via PuGGing. So if you're on the Ruin battle group, keep an eye out for her! And please say hi. I get lonely. =)

Incidentally, I forgot how much I hated Outlands. Sure, you level fast. Sure, you can freakin' FLY now. Sure, there are more PuGs of semi-quality now. But the thing I hate most?

My gear hurts my eyes ='( I went from my beautiful armour that Artie so kindly gave me ~<3 to this horrible mismatch of 'wtf'. I want Artie to give me more gear. He may only have the black colourscheme, but OMG it works!

I'm a white space-goat, so the black really brings out my horns >^-^< And my inner-kittyness.

Tree Form...Yay or Nay?

I was reading some blog that I cannot for the life of me find right now, so if anyone knows it, please tell me, and then I read the comments, coz I'm nub like that and I found this funny one:

"I’m definitely going to be glyphing my tree – I hate the hulking new form. Well, it kind of look like old tree form has let itself go horribly, and spent too long on the sofa eating crisps and takeaway pizza, while getting bitter and angry because he just broke up with his girlshrub or something."

The funniest part? It's so true! If you've read Daily Quests lately, you'll have seen Grumpy Tree get grumpier when Fuzzy Tank teases new Tree Form. Her answer? "GRUMPY TREE SMASH!" Freakin' hilarious.

And on raids, our darling guild druid (who hates the new tree form incidentally) loves putting down that circle of green, with the floaty-up leaves. The thing that makes everyone else think "GREEN PUDDLE! DO NOT WANT!" and "MUST GTFO!" while they run out. And when the DPS say over Vent: "WTF?! All this greep crap keeps spawning under me!" what does Ms. Druid do? She cackles and says "Guess it's just bad luck."

She's evil. She is also my role model. For my druid on a diff server anyhow. Gotta level that Shadtree up. I wish my guild would open a branch on Azgalor =/

Also.....I met this DK tank called Ambrosina on this other realm...and I'm trying to work out if it was THE Amber from ...because if it was.....OMG! /fangirlsqueal

EDIT: Okay, now I know it wasn't, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I'll run into her one day.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Scrub Raider Says "Hi!"

So, Shad here, and posting about my main on another server. She's a Holy Priest, and recently has been admitted to a pretty decent raiding guild on her home server. It's not #1, but as a scrub, I want a non-elitist guild that runs progression content. And I totally found it!

So, the guild took me (and another scrub, this one a rogue) to ICC, to see how we go. Talking to the GL/RL after, it was clear that he expected catastrophe and us scrubs standing in fire.

Well, I'm not speaking for the rogue, but I did my reading. I watched the raid videos on, and I learnt about the fights. Although I am a complete fight-nerd, so I love knowing boss-strats, so that probably helped.

The bosses went down easy. We had several wipes, but we took them down on the next go, after Mr Guild-Leader-Slash-Raid-Leader calmly told us what went wrong and what to do next time. Except for the creepy-looking fatty, the one with all the slime and the creepy voice that kept saying "I Brokeded it!" /shudder. It took us three tries on him, mostly because people kept standing in stuff =/

I'm not saying I didn't screw up, because I totally did! I did EVERYTHING wrong, at least once. I stood in fire, I stood in goo, I walked smack into a slime, I didn't get far enough behind the iceblocks, I pulled aggro, I ran out of mana too fast, I got what I call "Healer's Curse of Boredom" when everyone was max health and staying there so I thought I'd be fun to DoT up the boss which quickly turned sour as the boss said "PRIEST! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!" as I was chased =( I got HCoB again, this time I didn't DoT, but then the boss said "LOL! ROFLSTOMP!" and the entire raid was at half health or less =/

But, I learned from those mistakes, and they only happened once. We stopped just before Lich King, so he's gonna go down in the next few days. And then I'll make a post about it, instead of calling him LK, I'll be calling him by his new nickname "EP" for the Emo Prince. I love my guild's names for bosses and fights =D

Because of this new humour, I shall tell you about our meeting with the Blood Prince Council, AKA Twilight Sparkle Party.

The RL started by telling us over vent that there were three genderly-questionable Belves in the room. Naturally, he immediately had our attention.
One would get 'powered up' at a time.
There would be purple-floaty things. Tanks only, because nobody else can have the purple love.
There would be orange disco balls floating down, the hunter would kill them with arrows because he is a bitter old man that hates all things joyous and sparkley in the world.
Everyone needs to stay spread out at all times, except for melee who like sharing cooties.
If there is a fireball coming toward you "OH MY GOD RUN AWAY FAST IT BURNS!!!" And let it asplody on you when you're against the wall and the healers know you're on fire. Or if there's a few people there, huddle together untill it asplodys, then realize "OMG COOTIES" and stay the hell away from people after that.
Healers will be standing in the middle. If you run too far away from them, TOUGH! Enjoy your immediate death.
There were more instructions to the two tanks, but I wasn't paying much attention >.<
The Holy Pally was on the Kel tank, and the Druid and I healed everything that breathed.

There were a few "OMGWTF!" moments, but it was awesome =) Only the scrub-rogue died, AND we got Orb Whisperer on our first try!! =D

I love my new guild.

I still need one on Azgalor though =/

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let's Blog About Blogs On Our Blog

So, my bud over at has been nagging me to post blogs that I read. I think Am just wants free publicity. is high up there. Full of sarcasm and QQs about patch changes, Am gives a hilarious read. Although his main IS a Horde DK..... is one I check on daily. The writer is funny, down to earth, plays Alliance, and best of all? She's from Azgalor too! ^-^ Proof our realm rocks!

Those are my only regulars.....although I do read webcomics....

LFG Comic
Coffin Comics
What's Shakin'
WoW Eh?
Daily Quests
NPC Comic

Plus I read Am's comic, that he writes and draws himself. He needs to upload it for the world to see.

That's....about it....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Additional Titles Cannot Be Launched

So, since 4.0 broke  fixed all the classes, this is what I've found:
Ranged DPS- OP
Healers- Too many butons /cry. Ooooh....big nom nom...moar critz plz blizz

=/ And because most of my chars got hit pretty hard by the nerf bat, I'm QQing a bit inside.
Pally- /cry, they killed Consecration. And simplified buffs....wait, that's actually useful for raiding.
Druid- Tank-wise, they killed Swipe until into the 30s! So single target only. Healers.....not much has changed as far as I've jk, THEY KILLED MY TREEFORM!!! And Boomkin has a new mechanic I'm still playing with. Kitty's still the same. <3 my kitty form.
Hunter- Pets from lvl 1, I like. No more running-out-of-ammo-mid-instance/raid, I like. But focus? Jury's still out on that one.
DK- Besides the horrible switch of blood now tank and frost the DPS? I like. My blood DK is still soloing 3 man quests effortlessly, and my frost DK is pretty potent for mDPS.

Over all, I can see my DK flying, Pally hovering a bit, Druid playing with yarn and moonfire, and my hunter trying to name her kitty =/

Sorry For Absence

Sorry about going AWOL, but I've had some pretty bad RL aggro recently, and there is no aggro reset =/

LOL. I reminded myself of the infamous Onixia Wipe Animation on YouTube. MOAR DOTS! I downloaded it to my iPod and watch it often. Ah, good times. I also put it through Vent yelled at by someone because their 5 year old was listening to the yelling and swearing and was now upset. I felt bad for the kid, but seriously, if the channel says "18+ Mature Content" you'd maybe think 'should I put my 5-year-old in here?"

And no raids or anything happen in that channel. It's just for goofing off in when we get bored. I need to remember how to record Vent convos....

I've totally forgot the original reason for this post....I'll remember about 5 minutes after I post this one, if I know my brain.

Completely off-topic, but I had the funniest conversation with my little sisters yesterday.
Me: *talking goes here* ...and you know, with the little cat babies and stuff....
Sis: ?
Me: Oh, you know. Little cat babies. The tiny cats that are all cute and...kittens. They're called kittens. Way to go brain, for totally not telling me this before I made an idiot of myself! *getting more sarcastic as I go along*
Other sis: *from about a foot behind me, so it freaks the hell out of me coz I didn't know she was there* Ha! Your brain failed you.
All three at once: *grabs head* Noooo! Brain you have failed me!
Me: Heh. Deadpool is so awesome.
Other sis: Yeah....but at least he knows what a kittens is. Cat babies....LOL!
Me: Fail.

This was really late, and we were all giddy. Then Other Sis decided to try to kidnap me and drive me around the room. I'm glad she forgot I have brakes.

So, yes. I'm trying to level Shadree, but.....GAH!
I'm still giving Focus that weird sideways look that means "You're different.....I don't know if I like you yet". On my high-level hunter, I hate it. Mostly because it's completely ruined my rotations.

Still trying to think of a good white-sabre-tooth-kitty name that doesn't make me feel too nerdy.

I'm actually enjoying Holy Power, which surprises me, because I thought it would make Pallies more like icky Rogues, but I find it a cheap way of healing.
Crusader Strike! Crusader Strike! Crusader Strike! Word of Glory! Rinse and repeat.
Druids still confuse me, even after months of levelling. For some reason, I am okay with using catform. And yet, even thinking about rolling a rogue makes me feel queasy.
I am such a hypocrite.

Friday, October 22, 2010


So, I "borrowed" a friend's Beta key.

Oh. My. God.

Naturally I made a Worgen.
Firstly, if you make a female, it becomes a male. Pfft.
Second, most of their jokes/flirts are totally going to be blocked by the ESRB or whatever they're called.
Third, they do a Justin Timberlake dance: (Let Me Talk To You) My Love.
Fourth, they'll randomly do backflips while jumping. While moving forward.
Fifth, Worgen Hunters have cuuuute mastiff doggie pets!! I called mine Winston, because he reminds me of a thing on Discovery Channel about Winston Churchil.....Yeah, I'm weird. My Winny's so pwetty!! ^-^
Sixth, the Gilneas zone? It's like, the size of Un-bloody-Goro Crater! And you have to walk it! I'm just glad they keep lending you horses and carridges, otherwise I would have cried at the distance.

I'm going to keep my Cata-Commentary going, as my friend is awesome and has agreed to let me use his account whenever to steal Cata-content.

The name's Wyrra on Beta. Look me up if you have a key!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hidden Messages?

For the first time in......ever.....I died with Ambient Sound turned on. I've gotta say, that Spirit Healer is creepy!

Not only is she/it semi-naked, but have you heard the voice?
Play World of War...Craft....
You can buy it by card....
Give us your money....
Reliable customer....
Play World of War.....Craft
I thought you were my friend....

I'm pretty sure that's exactly what it said to me.

And you know those stupid punch cars in Gnomer? If you translate the binary you get:
White Punch Card: Thrall and Jaina sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Yellow Punch Card: If you can read this, you're standing too close
Blue Punch Card: The gnome king wears night elf underwear
Red Punch Card: Help! I'm trapped in a binary punch card factory!
Prismatic Punch Card: Message to Castpipe: your laundry's ready for pickup.

Personally, I find these things hilarious. Occasionally creepy, like Crystal Lake in Elwynn Forest and Jason standing on the dock.....or in the building near him, the children standing in the shape of a pentagram with the creepy music around them.... Or in the Lordaeron throne room....

Wow, now that I think of it, most are creepy. I think Blizz's design team has a few issues...

Love their work though =D

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Alts Of Many Colours.

I have played every class in WoW. Some I love, some I hate. Some I play well, some I suck at.

I love DKs, Hunters, Druids, and Pallys.
I hate playing Rogues, and Shammies.

I detest Rogues so much that I make all my bank alts Rogues, so that I'll never be tempted to level them.

So, when I was making my alts here on Azgalor, I had to keep in mind what I would actually use.
Shadree- Main - BM Hunter
Shadtree- 1st Alt - Resto druid
Shadbree- 2nd Alt - Prot pally
Shadfree- 3rd Alt - DK
Shadsbankee- Bank - icky rogue.

Notice the names? Yes, I made them at about midnight. I was sleepy, and it was funny at the time.
Why did I make so many? Because I have Altitis. That where you have so many alts you don't know what to do, but you can't help yourself. Although there was a little logic involved.
Shadree is my DPS
Shadtree is my healer
Shadbree is my tank
Shadfree is my moneymaker
Shadsbankee is my bank toon.

Plus I'll always have at least one that's rested, so that'll help while levelling.

So....LF guild!

Back In My Day....

We had to work for good gear.
Raiding guilds were the envy of all.
We had to walk uphill both ways until level 40.
It was "OMG" when you could finally afford to get your epic ground mount.
Grinding mobs and playing the AH were the only ways to make money. No dailies back then.
There were hardly any spammers, at least, compared to the amount we have now.
People were mostly civil when you asked for help.
Trade Chat wasn't nearly so...Trade-Chat-ish....
People actually typed with proper spelling/grammar. Or at least they did their best.

Am I getting old?
It certainly feels that way.
Especially since I rolled Shadree, my little Nelf hunter. She's not my first hunter, but she is my first one since 4.0 (four point oh no! As I hear it not-so-lovingly called on Trade Chat/forums). This means she has a little white sabre as a pet from level one. So naturally, I try to think of a good name. I think of Schrödinger, and Guenhwyvar, before wondering how many people would actually get it =/
Then I died a little inside and left it as 'Cat'.