Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Alts Of Many Colours.

I have played every class in WoW. Some I love, some I hate. Some I play well, some I suck at.

I love DKs, Hunters, Druids, and Pallys.
I hate playing Rogues, and Shammies.

I detest Rogues so much that I make all my bank alts Rogues, so that I'll never be tempted to level them.

So, when I was making my alts here on Azgalor, I had to keep in mind what I would actually use.
Shadree- Main - BM Hunter
Shadtree- 1st Alt - Resto druid
Shadbree- 2nd Alt - Prot pally
Shadfree- 3rd Alt - DK
Shadsbankee- Bank - icky rogue.

Notice the names? Yes, I made them at about midnight. I was sleepy, and it was funny at the time.
Why did I make so many? Because I have Altitis. That where you have so many alts you don't know what to do, but you can't help yourself. Although there was a little logic involved.
Shadree is my DPS
Shadtree is my healer
Shadbree is my tank
Shadfree is my moneymaker
Shadsbankee is my bank toon.

Plus I'll always have at least one that's rested, so that'll help while levelling.

So....LF guild!

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