Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back In My Day....

We had to work for good gear.
Raiding guilds were the envy of all.
We had to walk uphill both ways until level 40.
It was "OMG" when you could finally afford to get your epic ground mount.
Grinding mobs and playing the AH were the only ways to make money. No dailies back then.
There were hardly any spammers, at least, compared to the amount we have now.
People were mostly civil when you asked for help.
Trade Chat wasn't nearly so...Trade-Chat-ish....
People actually typed with proper spelling/grammar. Or at least they did their best.

Am I getting old?
It certainly feels that way.
Especially since I rolled Shadree, my little Nelf hunter. She's not my first hunter, but she is my first one since 4.0 (four point oh no! As I hear it not-so-lovingly called on Trade Chat/forums). This means she has a little white sabre as a pet from level one. So naturally, I try to think of a good name. I think of Schrödinger, and Guenhwyvar, before wondering how many people would actually get it =/
Then I died a little inside and left it as 'Cat'.

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  1. Haha, nice one Shad. The worst part is that I get your nerd jokes =/

    Follow your trackbacks Shad. You owe me 50g =D