Friday, October 22, 2010


So, I "borrowed" a friend's Beta key.

Oh. My. God.

Naturally I made a Worgen.
Firstly, if you make a female, it becomes a male. Pfft.
Second, most of their jokes/flirts are totally going to be blocked by the ESRB or whatever they're called.
Third, they do a Justin Timberlake dance: (Let Me Talk To You) My Love.
Fourth, they'll randomly do backflips while jumping. While moving forward.
Fifth, Worgen Hunters have cuuuute mastiff doggie pets!! I called mine Winston, because he reminds me of a thing on Discovery Channel about Winston Churchil.....Yeah, I'm weird. My Winny's so pwetty!! ^-^
Sixth, the Gilneas zone? It's like, the size of Un-bloody-Goro Crater! And you have to walk it! I'm just glad they keep lending you horses and carridges, otherwise I would have cried at the distance.

I'm going to keep my Cata-Commentary going, as my friend is awesome and has agreed to let me use his account whenever to steal Cata-content.

The name's Wyrra on Beta. Look me up if you have a key!

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