Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sorry For Absence

Sorry about going AWOL, but I've had some pretty bad RL aggro recently, and there is no aggro reset =/

LOL. I reminded myself of the infamous Onixia Wipe Animation on YouTube. MOAR DOTS! I downloaded it to my iPod and watch it often. Ah, good times. I also put it through Vent yelled at by someone because their 5 year old was listening to the yelling and swearing and was now upset. I felt bad for the kid, but seriously, if the channel says "18+ Mature Content" you'd maybe think 'should I put my 5-year-old in here?"

And no raids or anything happen in that channel. It's just for goofing off in when we get bored. I need to remember how to record Vent convos....

I've totally forgot the original reason for this post....I'll remember about 5 minutes after I post this one, if I know my brain.

Completely off-topic, but I had the funniest conversation with my little sisters yesterday.
Me: *talking goes here* ...and you know, with the little cat babies and stuff....
Sis: ?
Me: Oh, you know. Little cat babies. The tiny cats that are all cute and...kittens. They're called kittens. Way to go brain, for totally not telling me this before I made an idiot of myself! *getting more sarcastic as I go along*
Other sis: *from about a foot behind me, so it freaks the hell out of me coz I didn't know she was there* Ha! Your brain failed you.
All three at once: *grabs head* Noooo! Brain you have failed me!
Me: Heh. Deadpool is so awesome.
Other sis: Yeah....but at least he knows what a kittens is. Cat babies....LOL!
Me: Fail.

This was really late, and we were all giddy. Then Other Sis decided to try to kidnap me and drive me around the room. I'm glad she forgot I have brakes.

So, yes. I'm trying to level Shadree, but.....GAH!
I'm still giving Focus that weird sideways look that means "You're different.....I don't know if I like you yet". On my high-level hunter, I hate it. Mostly because it's completely ruined my rotations.

Still trying to think of a good white-sabre-tooth-kitty name that doesn't make me feel too nerdy.

I'm actually enjoying Holy Power, which surprises me, because I thought it would make Pallies more like icky Rogues, but I find it a cheap way of healing.
Crusader Strike! Crusader Strike! Crusader Strike! Word of Glory! Rinse and repeat.
Druids still confuse me, even after months of levelling. For some reason, I am okay with using catform. And yet, even thinking about rolling a rogue makes me feel queasy.
I am such a hypocrite.

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