Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Additional Titles Cannot Be Launched

So, since 4.0 broke  fixed all the classes, this is what I've found:
Ranged DPS- OP
Healers- Too many butons /cry. Ooooh....big nom nom...moar critz plz blizz

=/ And because most of my chars got hit pretty hard by the nerf bat, I'm QQing a bit inside.
Pally- /cry, they killed Consecration. And simplified buffs....wait, that's actually useful for raiding.
Druid- Tank-wise, they killed Swipe until into the 30s! So single target only. Healers.....not much has changed as far as I've jk, THEY KILLED MY TREEFORM!!! And Boomkin has a new mechanic I'm still playing with. Kitty's still the same. <3 my kitty form.
Hunter- Pets from lvl 1, I like. No more running-out-of-ammo-mid-instance/raid, I like. But focus? Jury's still out on that one.
DK- Besides the horrible switch of blood now tank and frost the DPS? I like. My blood DK is still soloing 3 man quests effortlessly, and my frost DK is pretty potent for mDPS.

Over all, I can see my DK flying, Pally hovering a bit, Druid playing with yarn and moonfire, and my hunter trying to name her kitty =/

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