Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Scrub Raider Says "Hi!"

So, Shad here, and posting about my main on another server. She's a Holy Priest, and recently has been admitted to a pretty decent raiding guild on her home server. It's not #1, but as a scrub, I want a non-elitist guild that runs progression content. And I totally found it!

So, the guild took me (and another scrub, this one a rogue) to ICC, to see how we go. Talking to the GL/RL after, it was clear that he expected catastrophe and us scrubs standing in fire.

Well, I'm not speaking for the rogue, but I did my reading. I watched the raid videos on, and I learnt about the fights. Although I am a complete fight-nerd, so I love knowing boss-strats, so that probably helped.

The bosses went down easy. We had several wipes, but we took them down on the next go, after Mr Guild-Leader-Slash-Raid-Leader calmly told us what went wrong and what to do next time. Except for the creepy-looking fatty, the one with all the slime and the creepy voice that kept saying "I Brokeded it!" /shudder. It took us three tries on him, mostly because people kept standing in stuff =/

I'm not saying I didn't screw up, because I totally did! I did EVERYTHING wrong, at least once. I stood in fire, I stood in goo, I walked smack into a slime, I didn't get far enough behind the iceblocks, I pulled aggro, I ran out of mana too fast, I got what I call "Healer's Curse of Boredom" when everyone was max health and staying there so I thought I'd be fun to DoT up the boss which quickly turned sour as the boss said "PRIEST! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!" as I was chased =( I got HCoB again, this time I didn't DoT, but then the boss said "LOL! ROFLSTOMP!" and the entire raid was at half health or less =/

But, I learned from those mistakes, and they only happened once. We stopped just before Lich King, so he's gonna go down in the next few days. And then I'll make a post about it, instead of calling him LK, I'll be calling him by his new nickname "EP" for the Emo Prince. I love my guild's names for bosses and fights =D

Because of this new humour, I shall tell you about our meeting with the Blood Prince Council, AKA Twilight Sparkle Party.

The RL started by telling us over vent that there were three genderly-questionable Belves in the room. Naturally, he immediately had our attention.
One would get 'powered up' at a time.
There would be purple-floaty things. Tanks only, because nobody else can have the purple love.
There would be orange disco balls floating down, the hunter would kill them with arrows because he is a bitter old man that hates all things joyous and sparkley in the world.
Everyone needs to stay spread out at all times, except for melee who like sharing cooties.
If there is a fireball coming toward you "OH MY GOD RUN AWAY FAST IT BURNS!!!" And let it asplody on you when you're against the wall and the healers know you're on fire. Or if there's a few people there, huddle together untill it asplodys, then realize "OMG COOTIES" and stay the hell away from people after that.
Healers will be standing in the middle. If you run too far away from them, TOUGH! Enjoy your immediate death.
There were more instructions to the two tanks, but I wasn't paying much attention >.<
The Holy Pally was on the Kel tank, and the Druid and I healed everything that breathed.

There were a few "OMGWTF!" moments, but it was awesome =) Only the scrub-rogue died, AND we got Orb Whisperer on our first try!! =D

I love my new guild.

I still need one on Azgalor though =/

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