Thursday, November 11, 2010

Outland Is Not For The Faint Hearted

So, instead of levelling the chars I should be, I've decided to level my DK.

She's about level 60, on Azgalor. Her name is Shadfree. Why is she named that? Because it was 3am and I thought it was funny. Seriously.

She will level via PuGGing. So if you're on the Ruin battle group, keep an eye out for her! And please say hi. I get lonely. =)

Incidentally, I forgot how much I hated Outlands. Sure, you level fast. Sure, you can freakin' FLY now. Sure, there are more PuGs of semi-quality now. But the thing I hate most?

My gear hurts my eyes ='( I went from my beautiful armour that Artie so kindly gave me ~<3 to this horrible mismatch of 'wtf'. I want Artie to give me more gear. He may only have the black colourscheme, but OMG it works!

I'm a white space-goat, so the black really brings out my horns >^-^< And my inner-kittyness.

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