Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let's Blog About Blogs On Our Blog

So, my bud over at has been nagging me to post blogs that I read. I think Am just wants free publicity. is high up there. Full of sarcasm and QQs about patch changes, Am gives a hilarious read. Although his main IS a Horde DK..... is one I check on daily. The writer is funny, down to earth, plays Alliance, and best of all? She's from Azgalor too! ^-^ Proof our realm rocks!

Those are my only regulars.....although I do read webcomics....

LFG Comic
Coffin Comics
What's Shakin'
WoW Eh?
Daily Quests
NPC Comic

Plus I read Am's comic, that he writes and draws himself. He needs to upload it for the world to see.

That's....about it....

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