Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tree Form...Yay or Nay?

I was reading some blog that I cannot for the life of me find right now, so if anyone knows it, please tell me, and then I read the comments, coz I'm nub like that and I found this funny one:

"I’m definitely going to be glyphing my tree – I hate the hulking new form. Well, it kind of look like old tree form has let itself go horribly, and spent too long on the sofa eating crisps and takeaway pizza, while getting bitter and angry because he just broke up with his girlshrub or something."

The funniest part? It's so true! If you've read Daily Quests lately, you'll have seen Grumpy Tree get grumpier when Fuzzy Tank teases new Tree Form. Her answer? "GRUMPY TREE SMASH!" Freakin' hilarious.

And on raids, our darling guild druid (who hates the new tree form incidentally) loves putting down that circle of green, with the floaty-up leaves. The thing that makes everyone else think "GREEN PUDDLE! DO NOT WANT!" and "MUST GTFO!" while they run out. And when the DPS say over Vent: "WTF?! All this greep crap keeps spawning under me!" what does Ms. Druid do? She cackles and says "Guess it's just bad luck."

She's evil. She is also my role model. For my druid on a diff server anyhow. Gotta level that Shadtree up. I wish my guild would open a branch on Azgalor =/

Also.....I met this DK tank called Ambrosina on this other realm...and I'm trying to work out if it was THE Amber from ...because if it was.....OMG! /fangirlsqueal

EDIT: Okay, now I know it wasn't, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I'll run into her one day.

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